Success Mindset Mastery

You will learn how to cultivate success mindset. We use NLP techniques to get rid of Limiting Beliefs.

Module 1: Mindset Mastery

Know your Mind and How it works

  1. Know why we do what we do
  2. The power of subconscious mind
  3. How to Tap Power of Your Subconscious Mind.
  4. Limiting beliefs
  5. Techniques to change belief systems.

Module 2: Mindfulness Mastery

This is the best tool we are learning to take charge of our life. Also, we are going to learn self-awareness.

  1. The power of Mindfulness
  2. 3 core skills of Mindfulness
  3. 21 Days Mindfulness Meditation
  4. Activities and assignments to help mindfulness practice

Module 3: Stress Management Mastery

  1. Identify Your own stress system
  2. Change your emotion in just 90 seconds
  3. Difference between worry, anxiety and stress
  4. Stress Reduction techique-1
  5. Stress Reduction technique -2
  6. Life style changes to reduce Stress

Module 4: Goal Setting Mastery

  1. Importance of Goal setting
  2. NLP techniques to set a perfect Goal
  3. How to achieve everything you want in your life
  4. Techniques to take actions to achieve your goals
  5. Key points to remember before getting started

Module 5: Success Mastery

  1. Success Rituals
  2. Principles of Success
  3. Achieve Mastery in your Life
  4. Strengthen decision muscle


Bonus 1: Weekly Live Support & Q&A sessions

We will regularly conduct weekly mastermind live Q&A Sessions where we will address the most recent developments in Power BI as well as the most pressing questions from the students with real-world examples.

Bonus 2: Lifetime Access to Private Telegram & Facebook Group

You will be part of the VIP Power BI Community groups where you can interact with multiple Power BI professionals and exchange Ideas, ask questions, which is priceless.


The course helped me to change the mindset and belief system regarding life and also enlightened me how to achieve growth in my life.
Robina Sharma
Happy Customer